Who is the partner?

Amsterdam Standard is an IT company operating mainly in the Dutch market. They help fast-growing companies develop software, websites and applications.

What problem did we face?

We faced a classic problem at this type of event – there is never a second chance to repeat a shot. With this we are doing very well, because we are always there where something interesting is happening. The most difficult thing, however, was that we can’t shoot the same thing twice, so each Amsterdam Standard event has a separate theme and is inspired by a different film.

How did we solve this problem?

With a lot of filmmaking knowledge, we matched interesting ideas to each outing and recorded the expedition in such a way that it is impossible to confuse two films with each other. We set the bar high and each video is a separate story, even an aftermovie from a team-building trip. Experienced cinematographers who provide a lot of easily usable material is also an important thing for this type of production. 

What’s in it for Amsterdam Standard?

Each trip is a different story, making the participants eager to return to the videos to relive it again. For each trip, we sent Amsterdam Standard a large-format poster that proudly hangs in their office. 

Customer statement

I highly recommend this guys! We have already shot 5 videos together and I am very happy with each one. Dominik and Simon are not only passionate about what they do, but they even guarantee sunny weather in the price. On top of that, they are professional, creative and positive.

Tomasz Rżany, CEO of Amsterdam Standard