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We found the world of Mojo itself long ago in the adventure game series Monkey Island. And it inspired us to this climate. After all, in the waters of the film industry we feel like pirates who are not afraid of challenges and storms. We believe that reality has more to offer than what the naked eye can see. There is magic hidden in it, which we want to bring out and show to the world in our productions. And the word Mojo itself? It’s a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and energetic. And that’s exactly what our film studio from Wroclaw is.

As far back as we can remember, we always wanted to be filmmakers. We have had experience with films since we were young, first watching them and now creating them. Our cinephile passion continues. In addition to running a film studio in Wroclaw, we also co-found WatchingClosely, one of the more widely read film platforms in Poland. We believe that in order to make good movies you need to watch them a little in advance. It’s hard for us to imagine someone who doesn’t watch movies and isn’t interested in them and calls himself a filmmaker. It’s like a chef who doesn’t like to eat.

Because we know how to organize one well. To both sail to the destination port and have an interesting adventure along the way. We are not another average film crew. Watch out for us. We believe that the spells we know can conjure up any movie story . If you want to feel some of that magic, then hop on board and let’s go! The amazing world of movie stories is waiting to be discovered.

Our films are sailing into wide waters – from the Internet, to television and film festivals. We rely on writing original scripts for our productions. From the local bay we went to sea, and we are heading to the ocean. We smashed a bottle of rum against the side of our ship, and hoisted a pirate flag on the mast. Our flag stands for good cinema.

We are working on it. We look for innovation and fresh ideas at every step. When we do look at models, it’s usually those from across the Big Water. We’ll shoot a commercial for Tesla, help on the set of a Martin Scorsese film and drink tea from a thermos with Christopher Nolan. We’ll drink hot tea with him, but a cold one with mastermind George Miller.

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Mojo Movies is a Wroclaw-based film studio. We specialize in producing promotional, advertising and event clips. Where did our name come from, who inspires us? Click and get to know us better!