Who is the partner?

Mikrovolt is a Wroclaw-based technology company engaged in innovative technologies. It is formed by energetic engineers-inventors who claim their products with patents with worldwide protection. Good because Polish, pride!

What was the challenge posed?

Plasma Fission – a plasma knife – is their latest invention. It is a device that has not been seen before in this form. This made it all the more challenging for us to show it in an understandable, professional and at the same time attractive way. We picked up the gauntlet and stood up to the challenge.

How did we deal with this challenge?

Knowing that the target audience of the promotional video would be mainly doctors from private dermatology clinics, we focused on the essentials. We relied on the “proof of use” factor, i.e. showing doctors already using the device successfully.
Another aspect was the intriguing presentation of the plasma knife. Here we went for packshot shots with different character of light and perspective. We bathed the whole thing in corresponding classical music with the addition of voiceover issues.

What’s in it for the client?

Entering into possession of a universal promotional tool of his invention. The film will serve the client in offering itself to new business partners, presentations at medical fairs and international advertising. A short and succinct film is an opening to wider waters and a presentation of the device in new markets.