Each of us has worse moments in life. Sometimes even ones in which we need outside help. The best way to get such help is from someone who knows what they’re doing well and has had some worse moments himself. How do you pick yourself up then? How to start anew? Magda has not had an easy life, and despite so many logs under her feet she is doing well. She also found the strength to share it with others.

This is our second video recorded with her.

This time we went to the Swedish Rocks in the Karkonosze Mountains and the Rędziński Forest. The task was to show Magda as an experienced coach, who is evaluated by her charges themselves. Once again, when writing the script, it turned out that it is someone else’s words about your work that mean more.

We look forward to this cooperation – it was very interesting and enjoyable. We really learned a lot and developed our workshop.

P.S If there is a storm to be recorded in the script and you don’t have a studio at your disposal where you can cause it artificially, then change the script ????.

Partner statement:

The Mojo team is a firecracker , in every respect:
– professionalism????
– professionalism????
– empathy????
– honesty????
– commitment ????
– openness to customer needs ????
They can listen and hear!!!! ????
Working with them is pure pleasure.
The effect of this work exceeded all my expectations. The film they created is MADE TO MEASURE ….. And the “tailors” are very handsome ????????
Ahhh and Ooh…. you could say.
I recommend from all over ♥️♥️♥️

Magdalena Zachariasiewicz