Who is the partner?

Jusky is a wholesaler and manufacturer of safety knives. 

What was the problem we had to solve?

The challenge was to record an interesting and comprehensive series of videos about safety knives. The subject is so niche that there are not many videos as references, so we did things our own way. Jacek and Rafał, despite the fact that they are not professional actors, wanted to take an active part in the production. Of course, they are experts in safety knives, that is, they do what they know well .They also wanted to write their own mini-stories for the episodes, which we helped with slightly. Judge the effect for yourself. In our opinion, the videos are interesting, real, full of knowledge and are great advertising.

How did we solve this problem?

Thanks to Jacek’s and Rafał’s strong involvement in the production, we felt from the beginning that we were doing something worthwhile. The gentlemen even took lessons in performing in front of the camera in order to come off as good as possible, which is evident with each successive episode. This production with Jusky closed in two seasons with a total length of 17 episodes. 

What are the benefits of this for Jusky?

Jusky is the only safety knife company on the Polish market with an interesting and professionally produced series of videos on the subject. The instructional and expert videos take Jusky to another level in the world of safety knives and show their customers that they know their stuff. Sharing their knowledge in an interesting way is always a good form of advertising.

Partner statement

Working with Dominik and Simon is professional and efficient, you can see a lot of expertise and experience in the Mojo team. I recommend their service, we are very satisfied and still recording.

Jacek Juszczak – Co-founder of Jusky