Who is our partner?

@garmin_en has established a fruitful cooperation with @snow.pr agency. It’s a combination of two strong players who decided to create something unique.

What was the challenge set before us?

The goal was to film a two-day event in the nature of a Boot Camp with people associated with the world of sports and influencers in the charming town of Polanica Zdrój, which won the hearts of participants who pursued a variety of activities such as gravel and mountain biking, outdoor yoga and running with a trainer

How did we solve this challenge?

Despite the challenges of changing weather conditions, the need for mobility and the delivery of real-time footage, we prepared accordingly and planned every detail to make efficient use of the available time and recording capabilities by gathering footage and proceeding with rapid editing. All this according to a set plan and under tremendous time pressure.

What does this mean for the brand?

Thanks to our cooperation and intensive work in the field, we were able to deliver real-time footage that met the highest standards.This, in turn, enabled the brand to show itself in a modern light and present its novelties in an attractive way.