Who is the partner?

Veritas is a Wroclaw-based foundation that helps people in need during difficult moments in their lives. They support charitable causes for children, the disabled, adults and animals.

A short history of our cooperation.

The Foundation came to our studio at the beginning of 2023 with a request to make a movie about the Bear Cave Run, which took place in August. It quickly became clear that the foundation had many more filming needs. In the process of making more films, the idea of doing something bigger began to grow. Something that would help people understand their origins and why a person without exercise slowly dies. More information coming soon.

What was the challenge?

The foundation’s activities are very diverse, which meant that we had to find ourselves in different terrain to shoot different films. From music events, a festival, a running event to a feature-length documentary. We want to deliver the best possible quality, so we gladly accepted the challenge of being the foundation’s film studio. The challenges and variety of films require us to constantly learn and expand our skills and horizons.

How have we met this challenge?

Carefully planned activities that we put into practice on the ground result in usable material that ultimately forms an interesting whole.

What’s in it for the Veritas Foundation?

The Veritas Foundation helps on many fronts. Documenting several of them is very important and helps them attract new funders and supporters. The films we’ve made are also done for children, the disabled and everyone the foundation helps. With more publicity, they have a chance for more support.