Who is the partner?

Amsterdam Standard is an international IT company operating mainly in the Dutch market. They help fast-growing companies develop software, websites and applications. Their specialty is smart and cost-effective team building for projects.

What was the challenge?

Presenting the onboarding process in a simple, clear and to the point way. The whole thing required preparation on every front – substantive, presenter and technical. Strategically planned recordings in multiple locations in Poland and abroad. All this required a high degree of precision and maintaining a single standard of work to deliver the consistency and quality that we and the Partner wanted.

How did we overcome the challenge?

The pre-production process on this project proved to be crucial. Several months of preparation allowed us to put the finishing touches on the footage. Basing the visual formula on the American Masterclass series, we set the bar high. Thanks to our experience and careful consideration of production before recording began, we delivered world-class quality.

What’s in it for the Amsterdam Standard?

The series of twelve videos shot in four different locations over two months is our first production of this kind. Amsterdam Standard is very pleased with the results and, thanks to the accessible video formula, is able to welcome the client on board in a friendly and non-involving way. We already know that this novelty is working very well. The Partner’s customers, instead of a series of emails and documents, get a modern video academy in which they can watch step-by-step short videos related to the issue they are interested in.

Statement of the Partner

I highly recommend this company! We have already shot 5 videos together and I am very satisfied with each one. Dominik and Simon are not only passionate about what they do, but they even guarantee sunny weather in the price. On top of that, they are professional, creative and positive.

Tomasz Rżany, CEO of Amsterdam Standard

I highly recommend MOJO Movies, a phenomenal video company founded by Dominik and Szymon. Over the past three years, they have produced seven outstanding movies for us. Their professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail are unparalleled. Their ability to bring our visions to life on the screen is truly remarkable. Working with MOJO Movies has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

Leopold van Oosten, Founder Amsterdam Standard