Who is the partner?

Amsterdam Standard is an IT company operating mainly in the Dutch market. They help fast-growing companies develop software, websites and applications.

What was the problem we had to solve?

Showing how this international IT company works required an interesting idea and the involvement of many people. Recording in downtown Amsterdam was also a challenge.

How did we solve this problem?

We based the idea for the video on a concept where Amsterdam Standard is a team for special tasks. They are able to scale the team according to the client’s needs, deliver world-class IT solutions quickly and reliably. All these qualities, suited us to a company that doesn’t burden the customer with its problems, but delivers great solutions on time. In the lead role is the CEO of Amsterdam Standard – Tomek Rżany. This was especially important, because thanks to this, the film gains a lot of credibility. 

What is the result for Amsterdam Standard?

Amsterdam Standard has become an even more recognizable brand in the IT world. The video captures the company’s character and shows its best sides in an interesting and accessible way. Looking ahead, Amsterdam Standard will be picking up the phone with orders more often.

Client’s statement

I highly recommend this guys! We have already shot 5 videos together and I am very satisfied with each one. Dominik and Szymon are not only passionate about what they do, but they even guarantee sunny weather in the price. On top of that, they are professional, creative and positive.

Tomasz Rżany, CEO of Amsterdam Standard