In front of you is a clip made for a widely read film blog. Yes, this is our next video made in nature. It’s not a coincidence, it’s already a trademark. Mr. Jordan Belfort from this clip is both the co-founder of Watching Closely and the founder of Mojo Movies. He likes to put things on. Dominik when he’s not editing or shooting videos, writes about them. Give yourself a break, will ya?

We have never made a secret of the fact that we are heavily inspired by movies and TV series. We think it’s practically impossible to come up with something completely new. When you think that’s the case, check to see if someone hasn’t already done it and the answer is 99.9% yes. Thanks to our huge immersion in the wide world of film and art, we are gaining paces with beautiful frames, shots, forms. This, combined with learning the art of screenwriting and the ability to convey emotions, makes our clients more than satisfied. The logo was realized by a branding studio in Wroclaw – it’s 80’s , it’s minimalist, it’s for the years. That is to say, it is good.

No film of ours is the same as the previous one.

This one is not either – Are you watching closely?