Who is the partner?

Studio Yotka, is a Wrocław-based film studio run by Maciej Janik, with whom we produced commercials for TV for the Ministry of Health.

What was the problem we had to solve?

The assignment was to produce films in a social campaign commissioned by the Ministry of Health. Mojo Movies was responsible for producing this content. The order was for TV commercials of various lengths, from 15 seconds to 60, as well as voiceover content for radio. The topics covered in the campaign were both pandemic and over time, i.e., excessive sugar consumption. 

How did we solve this problem?

With this type of production, the number of people on the team and the number of things that need to mix together is problematic. The production lasted more than 2 weeks, and Mojo was responsible for actors, managing the set, the entire crew , client contact, location selection / scouting and much more. The task was complex and comprehensive. 

What is the result for YOTKA studio?

The realization of television commercials for the government is a portfolio item worth bragging about. Often, despite the simple and literal message, the commercials are executed with ingenuity and do not convey the complexity of the process involved in producing them.