The psychological side of dance was alien to us until now. Sure, we knew a little about dance, but we didn’t know the ins and outs of this world. We learned from Magda about the many problems that await future dancers who intend to take it up professionally. What Magda was proposing with her coaching seemed so obvious to us that we didn’t have to think long about the script.

The task was to create a video that would tell in a clear and eye-catching way about the existence of the need for psychological coaching in the dance community. We showed Magda’s work in words and the achievements of her talented charges. On the other hand, the entire opening of the film is devoted to narratively outlining the silhouette and remarkable story of Magdalena Zachariasiewicz.

If your emotions resonated with you during the screening, then our job is done.

Partner statement

The Mojo team is a firecracker , in every respect:
– professionalism????
– professionalism????
– empathy????
– honesty????
– commitment ????
– openness to customer needs ????
They can listen and hear!!!! ????
Working with them is pure pleasure.
The effect of this work exceeded all my expectations. The film they created is MADE TO MEASURE ….. And the “tailors” are very handsome ????????
Ahhh and Ooh…. you could say.
I recommend from all over ♥️♥️♥️

Magdalena Zachariasiewicz