Who is the partner?

Monika Splotka is a Wroclaw-based artist who has been leading weaving workshops for many years.  

What was the problem we had to solve?

The assignment was to record an online course in several weaving disciplines. The more than three-hour course required a lot of work, both editing and cinematography. This time it wasn’t about emotion and understatement, it was necessary to show the process Monika was presenting as accurately as possible, so that the viewer didn’t feel that any element was left out. 

How did we solve this problem?

The preparation of the script was handled by Monika, since she was the one who knew what she wanted to convey. After some of our suggestions, we proceeded. We recorded the entire course in two days, and editing was another two weeks of work. An important perspective of the recordings was the camera placed over the table, which showed the hands and fabric up close. 

What is the result of this for Splotka?

A professional online course of more than thirty episodes is a strong product that can be sold on various platforms. In addition to its content value, it is also a great advertisement.