Who is the partner?

FLOV. is a Wroclaw-based branding studio working with many brands in Poland.

What problem did we face?

Showing the creative process of abstract perfume packaging. 

How did we solve this problem?

We decided to show the design process from the very beginning, that is, from a box full of ideas. A soap bubble embedded in a concrete sculpture is undoubtedly an unusual perfume packaging. Through the selection of special handmade paper, to the special effect of the soap bubble. The video shows both the work on the competition packaging and the fact that FLOV. deals with the issue comprehensively.

What is the result for FLOV.?

As the only company in the competition, they made a professional film showing both the studio and the project they worked on. This undoubtedly elevates their product to a higher level and gives an even better look at their process. They had one chance to present themselves at their best and take advantage of their presence in the competition. 

Client review


Łukasz Radolinski FLOV. Graphic Designer