Who is a partner?

Fabrix is an atelier that supplies companies with unusual and tailor-made branding apparel. They conceive, design, produce and deliver trend-conscious and high-quality garments for the most interesting companies on the market.

What problem did they come with?

To reach new customers with their product.

How did we solve this problem?

We focused on showing what value the product brings to Fabrix. We captured this moment during Callstack’s birthday party – when there was a demonstration of a new collection of clothing dedicated to employees

What is the result for Fabrix?

For Callstack, this was a very strong point of the birthday party. On the one hand, it’s an uncharacteristic surprise during the event itself which is an attraction in itself. But, perhaps even more importantly, it’s a big nod from the employer to its employees. The clothing that was presented to them is something that goes beyond classic company “merch”. These are clothes at such a level of workmanship and design that you want to wear them every day. And we captured all of this in a kind of “aftermovie” along with a whole warehouse of shorter vertical videos for short ads on social media. Fabrix now has a promotional video that it can show to other potential customers as a trailer.

Client statement

Cooperation with Mojo Movies level top! Professional, efficient, super communication. We were doing footage of a clothing collection event www.fabrix.clothing – team Mojo immediately felt our vibe, the first version of the video practically on point, corrections were cosmetic. Thanks!

Krzysztof Pawlak – Co-Founder “Fabrix”