Who is the partner?

Eltap is a Polish furniture factory that is thriving in the European market. They are a manufacturer of sofas, beds, poufs, mattresses and much more. The company has many years of experience and has more than 180 employees. 

What was the problem we had to solve?

We recorded a total of 9 videos for Eltap, in each one presenting furniture from the new collections in a different way. We were responsible for all production, scripting, operating and directing. From choosing the right location for the recordings to presenting the actors’ proposals to the client, this production had many aspects to take care of. 

How did we solve this problem?

We decided that each commercial would be a little different, so each video was a different mini story. It was no small challenge to make 9 videos that are different from each other, targeting a specific client, yet the themes are the same. Thanks to a comprehensive approach and various narrative nuances, the desired effect was achieved.

What is the result for Eltap?

Eltap has advertisements for its products that it can present to the European market. All the nuances based in the visual layer, and the high resolution of the image mean that the films will not age for a long time.