Who is the partner?

The Young for Wrocław Foundation is an initiative of young residents of Wrocław who use their energy, skills and interests to benefit the city and Lower Silesia. 

What was the problem we had to solve?

The Foundation noticed a problem, which is the decreasing interest in physical education classes in schools. It entrusted us with the task to, remedy this phenomenon. Thanks to the support of the city, we had access to the leading, in their fields, athletes of various sports, on whom we based the scenario of this film. 

How did we solve this problem?

Together with the foundation, we decided that the best way to reach young viewers would be to use sports authorities in the film. Leading athletes in their fields who are well-known in the world of sports in Wroclaw encourage them to attend PE. 

What does this mean for Młodzi dla Wrocławia?

The foundation has a promotional video of their action that is recognized in the city and Lower Silesia. On the day of the premiere at the Capitol musical theater in Wrocław, the video was viewed by the mayor of Wroclaw,  along with many school and kindergarten principals.