Who is the partner?

Arendel is a Norwegian village near Poznan located in the middle of the forest. 

What problem did we face?

To show an unusual place to spend leisure time in an interesting and accessible way. 

How did we solve this problem?

We based the scenario on what we most associated Norway with – Hygge.

Hygge is pleasure derived from the simplest things, in relationship with another person and with nature. Alexander and Agatha in a very large area decided to create a settlement. The cottages are spaced far enough apart from each other so that everyone feels comfortable in them. We showed people who spend their time in the village in unconventional and interesting ways. The nature surrounding the people shines through in every frame. 

What is the result of this for Arendel?

Arendel, thanks to the film, is now associated with spending time together in nature. People who want to visit Włodzimirów know what to expect. The owners, as it were, sift out with the film people who wanted to spend their free time in a place not necessarily like this. This effect allows only the ‘right’ guests to visit, who in prospect will be satisfied with their stay and come to Arendel again.

Customer statement

Highly recommended! The guys really have a lot of experience and tons of ideas. Films made on time and in good quality. Plus a handful of information on how to best use/share the footage.

Agata and Alexander